Harvey Weinberg, Advocate
Specializing in Israeli-Canadian Legal Issues

When you need legal services or advice, you want a lawyer who is expert in the law of the land. Advocate Harvey (Yechiel) Weinberg specializes in bridging gaps, and providing a trusted link between the legal systems of Canada and Israel. He makes sure that nothing is lost in the translation, thus ensuring that his clients get the best and most professional service available.

Whether he is dealing with Israel law or Canadian law, Harvey Weinberg is an attorney who understands and can navigate both systems – and has a proven track record of helping clients achieve their goals.

Harvey Weinberg is the only Canadian-born lawyer residing in Israel who is licensed to practice in both Canada and Israel.

For Canadians with Legal Matters in Israel

Harvey is the only Canadian-born lawyer residing in Israel who is licensed to practice in both Canada and Israel. His specialized experience is vital for Canadians wishing to surmount the linguistic and cultural gaps that can make it difficult to negotiate the Israeli judicial system or settle regulatory matters. Harvey specializes in helping his Canadian clients find the Israeli legal solutions that best fit their individual needs.

For over 30 years, Harvey has provided his Israeli and Canadian clients with compassionate, speedy and responsible legal services in matters related to estates and wills, divorce and family law, real estate investment and management, as well as issues of guardianship and immigration status. Harvey’s trans-national expertise has made him the lawyer of choice for Canadians living in Israel and Israelis living in Canada.

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For Israelis with Legal Matters in Canada

Israelis with personal and business interests in Canada often turn to Harvey, who has been a member of the Law Society of Ontario since 1982 and the Israeli Bar Association since 1986. With a professional resume that includes internships in both Canadian and Israeli law firms, and years of private practice in both countries, he is uniquely capable of guiding Israeli citizens in need of legal services in Canada.

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Legal Opinions

Harvey’s primary focus is on representing his private clients. However, his unique specialization has made Harvey’s legal opinions highly valued by the Israeli and Canadian judicial communities. As a result, he is frequently called upon to serve as an expert witness for matters pertaining to Israeli and Canadian law in the following areas:

Legal Translations and Notary Services

Harvey also provides notarial services and legal translations. These documents help his clients make sense of the statutes that affect their personal status, business dealings and investments, giving them the information they need to successfully navigate the Israeli and Canadian legal cultures.

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