For Canadian Citizens with Legal Matters in Israel

Canadians facing legal challenges in Israel can be overwhelmed by the gap between the Canadian legal system – to which they are accustomed – and the very different legal system they find in Israel. Language and cultural barriers can cause misunderstandings and complications that occasionally lead to serious legal problems. This makes it essential for clients who require legal services to retain the services of a seasoned attorney who is at home in both the Canadian and Israeli legal worlds.

Advocate Harvey Weinberg accompanies and supports his Canadian clients as they pursue their goals using the Israeli legal system. His many years of experience allow him to pro-actively alert his clients to potential difficulties before arise.

Seeking Legal Help in Israel

Under Harvey’s professional guidance, clients are able to avoid the pitfalls that can result from lack of information, or from culture-specific assumptions that can lead clients to believe that their rights are fully protected, while in fact they are exposed to legal complications related to personal status, immigration/residency, property/inheritance issues and other matters.

For example, Canadian clients are generally not aware that – while the Law Society in Ontario regularly monitors lawyers' trust accounts to ensure that lawyers maintain proper records – there is no such financial reporting obligation to the Law Society in Israel, and no annual audit performed by the Law Society in Israel of lawyers' trust accounts. This can lead to Canadian clients losing control of monies deposited with unscrupulous legal counsel in Israel. For this reason alone, if you are obligated to transfer funds to be held in escrow in the account of an Israeli lawyer, it is essential that this lawyer be someone you know – and know you can trust!

Canadians with Legal Matters in Israel Choose Harvey Weinberg

Born, raised and educated in Canada and a licensed member of the Ontario and Israel Bar Associations, Harvey is subject to all the Rules and Regulations of the Law Society of Ontario as well as the Law Society of Israel. In this and every other matter, Advocate Harvey Weinberg’s reputation for professional integrity has never been questioned. With a sterling record of trustworthy service to his clients over many years of private practice, Harvey is today a prominent choice of Canadian citizens seeking legal services in Israel.

In addition to maintaining contact with his Canadian clients by electronic means (e-mail, fax, skype, telephone), Harvey travels to Canada several times a year in order to maintain personal contact with his Canadian clientele.