For Israeli Citizens with Legal Matters in Canada

Israelis who have legal matters in Canada or who wish to invest in Canadian markets often know very little about the Canadian legal system and the Canadian mentality. This can leave them exposed to risk as they enter into legally binding agreements that involve the intricacies of Canadian law.

To compound this problem, many Israelis who need to deal with legal matters in Canada are lacking the means of finding good and trustworthy legal counsel. They may choose to retain the services of a Canadian lawyer about whom they know very little, who lives thousands of miles away, has a different cultural background, and who does not speak their language. All too often, this is a recipe for uncertainty… if not disaster!

לחץ כאן למידע נוסף בעברית

Israeli Seeking Legal Help in Canada

Entering into an agreement with an unknown lawyer who lives far away, and who operates within a foreign legal framework, can cause serious problems. The following two examples will illustrate what this means. In Israel, most lawyers charge their clients a global figure for services provided. However, Israelis who retain a Canadian lawyer can be shocked to receive an itemized bill including a charge of $50 for a 5 minute phone conversation!

When working with a lawyer located in Canada, Israelis may also encounter cultural and professional differences that have a significant impact on their satisfaction. In general, Israelis find it acceptable to “cut corners” and close agreements on an informal basis. They tend to live by the philosophy that – with a little good will – “everything will work out okay”. Canadians, on the other hand, tend to be very formal, the concept of “cutting corners” does not exist. This can cause tension in the client-attorney relationship, as well as less-than-optimal legal results.

Israelis with Legal Matters in Canada Trust Harvey Weinberg

As a practicing member of both the Israeli and Canadian bars, Advocate Harvey Weinberg is familiar with both legal worlds. He maintains relationships with lawyers in Canada who specialize in various fields, guaranteeing that his Israeli clients can trust him to provide the Canada-based services they need with utmost professionalism – and no surprises!

לחץ כאן למידע נוסף בעברית