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Israel Family Law

Israel Divorce, Marriage and Family Law

Canadian and Israeli proceedings relating to family law are very different in one important respect: whereas in Canada the regular court system has jurisdiction over issues of marriage, divorce, division of assets, child custody, etc., in Israel, the jurisdiction depends on the subject matter of the proceedings. Matters of marriage and divorce are in the sole jurisdiction of the Rabbinical Courts, which are governed by Orthodox Jewish Law. The civil Family Court and the Rabbinical Courts have concurrent jurisdiction over other family-related matters.

This being said, recent rulings by Israel’s High Court of Justice have placed limits on the Rabbinical Court’s power, and many family-related issues can be resolved through the Israeli civil court system. In certain cases, foreign courts are also involved. The ideal legal representative should understand which tribunal has jurisdiction in specific cases, and have extensive experience in the intricacies of Israeli Family Law.

Israeli and Canadian Jurisdiction Solutions for Family Law

Harvey Weinberg is highly experienced in handling family law cases, and is fully equipped to handle contentious suits involving the Israeli religious and secular courts, as well as issues under Canadian jurisdiction.

For the past 26 years, Harvey has been closely associated with the law offices of Adv. Edo Divon (www.divon.co.il), a senior family law litigator with an outstanding record in both the Rabbinical and secular courts in Israel. Divon’s work over a long career has helped establish legal precedents now studied in family courses in law schools throughout Israel.

Advs. Weinberg and Divon share space in their Tel Aviv office, where Weinberg assists in complex family cases involving an English-speaking component.

Together with Divon, Weinberg offers a full range of family law services, including: