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For Canadians with Legal Matters in Israel


For Israelis with Legal Matters in Canada


Israel Real Estate Law

Would you buy a property in Canada without consulting a lawyer? Of course not.

In Israel, where Real Estate taxes have changed dramatically over the last 10 years, it is incumbent on anyone with property to rent or sell to seek legal advice before the transaction takes place.

The same applies in Israel. When you do not speak or read the language and are about to sign a contract involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, you need a legal representative you can trust, someone who can ensure that – as vendor or purchaser – your rights are totally protected and that you get everything that real estate law entitles you to receive.

Unless your real estate law case involves a complex, complicated transaction (and 90% of real estate cases do not), you don't need to hire a "big gun" as your attorney. What you need is a responsible, honest, experienced lawyer who can get the job done quickly, efficiently. You want someone who can make sure that you, as vendor or purchaser, get everything you are, in law and pursuant to the agreement, entitled to receive.

Harvey Weinberg – An Expert in Israeli and Canadian Real Estate Law

Advocate Harvey Weinberg has been practicing real estate law in Israel for over 25 years. He understands the system thoroughly, and in hundreds of cases has represented sellers or purchasers, many of whom were Canadian. He has many references available from satisfied clients.

Harvey Weinberg offers his clients the following services related to real estate law:

With Harvey Weinberg as your attorney, you can be sure that your real estate-related legal issues will be handled professionally, efficiently, and at a fair price. With Harvey representing your interests, you can be sure that you’ll soon be resting easy in your new home, or enjoying the income that your property generates.