Notary Services and Legal Translation

Harvey Weinberg is a notary public who can provide official verification of the authenticity of legal documents in English and Hebrew, as well as all the other services that a licensed notary can provide in Israel. If you require proof of professional credentials, verification of a contract, confirmation of medical or insurance records or any other notarization task, Harvey Weinberg will be happy to assist you.

As a lawyer licenced to practice law in Canada, Harvey is also a Commissioner of Oaths pursuant to the laws of Ontario. In this capacity, he is authorized for commissioning affidavits or declarations which will make your documents acceptable before any court in Canada.

Why travel to Canada to have your signature commissioned when Harvey can do it here in Israel, saving you the trip!

Harvey is a Canadian-born attorney with many years of experience living and working in Israel. A member both of the Canadian and Israel Bar, he is fully qualified to translate legal documents for use in the Canadian and Israeli courts.