Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

"Being far away from elderly parents is always difficult, and I can only visit my father in Israel once a year. Thanks to Adv. Harvey Weinberg, my father is able to live with assistance in his own home, and I have peace of mind knowing that his finances are supervised under control. Harvey Weinberg has become a very special member of our extended family!”

"I live in Montreal, but thanks to Harvey Weinberg, the apartment I own in Israel is always rented out, bringing in much-needed income. Harvey took care of the contract, and handles all the taxes and paperwork. What’s most important, he’s my “eyes on the ground” who makes sure that my tenants take care of my property.”

“I felt terribly vulnerable when I was going through my divorce in Israel, because I didn’t speak the language well, or understand the system. I can’t thank Harvey Weinberg enough for handling my case, and giving me the legal protection I needed to start my life again.”

“When my grandfather in Israel died without making a will, his property was distributed among descendants living both in Israel and Canada. We were so lucky to find a Canadian-born lawyer who we could work with. Harvey Weinberg took on a very complicated case, followed through, and made sure that everyone got what they deserved.”